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Something Like Summer  - Jay Bell I have to say that this book was one of the best books I've read in a while. While it was very emotionally charged, the emotions were perfectly pitched so as to not become over wrought and comical. The author managed to pack in 10 years of living for these characters into a very tightly written package. With three characters, two ever changing relationships and one very emotional ending any one of these elements would've thrown off a less capable author but Bell handled them deftly and left me emotionally tied to these characters. Even knowing what was going to happen to one of the men, did not stop me from being pulled into the story. I tried to distance myself knowing what was coming but it just wasn't possible with these guys. The relationships and the road life leads these guys down isn't neat and tidy but it's realistic and very compelling. This is one book I wouldn't hesitate to read again and recommend to everyone.