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Lover Reborn (Black Dagger Brotherhood Series #10)

Lover Reborn - J R Ward This is a more focused book than the previous entry in this series. I felt that the central relationship between Tohr and N'one developed naturally, with all the guilt and angst such a relationship would have. I wasn't looking forward to this one, because I loved Tohr and Wellsie and I thought it was too soon for him to find love again. But with deft handling Ward guided me through the development of their relationship and I was rooting for their HEA at the end. I even had a few tears during the last 100 pages.While never losing her focus on the central story she wove a complex story line about Xhex and JM's relationship issues and a realist resolution to their problems. Their story was a nice complement to balance the budding relationship between Tohr and N'one.There were a few other minor threads through out, enough to tease for the next book. I think she developed Qhuinn beautifully and I think he's finally ready for his HEA. Overall I thinks she did a great job of holding this one together and really keeping things on track. This was a hard relationship to create and it was done well. I was doubtful of this relationship but Ward made me a believer.