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Woke Up in a Strange Place - Eric Arvin This is a hard book to review or even classify. It's beautifully written and the journey that Joe takes is at once heartbreaking and life affirming. It's a languid journey through rediscovering who we are and who matters most. The world building is just phenomenal, with out being preachy or judgmental Arvin creates a wholly realistic and unique afterlife. Joe's journey is languid and meandering but this is a book to be savored and can not be rushed. But most of all this is a book about love and how love impacts us. It's about family and soul mates and beginnings and endings. This is a densely packed book that grabbed me and didn't let go. Several times I went to put it down, thinking to myself this just isn't my type of book, only to keep reading because the prose too beautiful to deny. I highly recommend this book but be prepared to fall into the rabbit hole and not surface until the journey has ended.