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Look Away Silence - Edward C. Patterson This is the most powerfully poignant book I've ever read and I doubt I'll be able to read it again. But it's a book that needs to be read, it's a story that needs to be remembered. It brings into focus a period in history that many were just spectators for, and lets us witness two men falling in love and letting go. It's about love and loss and what comes after. This book had been recommended to me and I was warned that I'd need my tissues handy. I had no idea how powerfully I would be moved. The author's straight forward and unembellished story telling set the perfect tone for this love story set during a time of fear, ignorance and loss. The author never preaches or politicizes, he tells it like it was and that is what makes the story hit home because these two men represent so many broken lives. I will remember Matt and Martin for their love and all that they represent. Pumpkin will never quite mean the same to me. I highly recommended this book and I'd like to say prepare yourself for the impact but there really is no way to prepare yourself. It's an emotional journey but one that you'll be better for having made.