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A Skeleton in the Family
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Ink and Paper - Megan Derr The characters were wonderfully created, though it would've been nice to know a little more about the prince. I also felt the ending was a little abrupt. All sorts of interesting things were revealed about Enitan but we never found out what came of it. I'm sure Rem and Enitan ended up happily ever after but I wanted to know what happened to the shop and how Enitan handled his new life. Also there was very little conflict from Enitan's 'evil' stepfather. Enitan had no problem getting to the 'ball' and no one seemed to notice he was gone. It seemed a little too easy for what was supposed to be a Cinderfella story. Over all it was a quick sweet read but a little too short and the ending was not quite satisfying. However it's not a bad thing to want a story to be longer and that's what I was looking for here, a little more closure.