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A Skeleton in the Family
Leigh Perry
The Glass Minstrel - Hayden Thorne This was a lovely book and it was fun meandering down the streets with the characters the author created but the story did just that, meandered here and there with little or no direction. The author seemed to have ideas as to where he wanted things to go but was unable to find direction for those ideas. The characters were developed ever so slightly so that as a read I could sympathize with the fathers who had lost their sons and with the young man trying to find his way in a world that doesn't accept same sex love. I did like how both fathers found a way to heal themselves and their families. And it was interesting to see the impact of the two lovers with out them actually being there, like a ripple effect in the lives of those who loved them. I would've liked to know more about those two men because the little slices the author shared from the journal were hardly enough. Over all the story was beautifully written but with such a promising premise I expected more.