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A Skeleton in the Family
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Take My Picture - Giselle Ellis I loved those guys but man did I want to smack some sense into them. They were so in love and wanting to be with the other but wouldn't say anything, both wanting the other to be happy when the only thing that would make them both happy was to be together. This dance went on for quite a while but it wasn't annoying, it really pulled at my heart strings, especially when Jake told Aaron he should move on and find another job. I'm not sure why the people around them didn't hit them, everyone knew, including Aaron's boyfriend. The story was wonderfully written, great tension and angst. It wasn't over the top at all and I loved all of the characters. The dialogue was amazing, some of the wording Giselle used to describe the depth of feelings just blew me away. Over all I was very pleased by this book. I was expecting the standard fun angsty book but it was so much more than that. I guess that's what a talented author can do, take a well used trope and breath new life into it.