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A Skeleton in the Family
Leigh Perry
Natural Disaster - Chris Owen Books about established couples can get lost in the tedious details of every day life but Owen managed to make this couple just as interesting the second time around. This was a great continuation of Tor and Jake's relationship. They still had issues with not talking enough and trying to smooth things over with sex but the guys were much more mature this time around. Before they could get too far down the wrong path one or the other of them would step back and say hey this isn't right. They aren't men who are used to speaking about their emotions but they love each other enough to deal with talking about things that might be uncomfortable. I loved the fact that everything wasn't hunky dory and that they were chatting up a storm whenever the need arose. That wouldn't be true to the characters and really wouldn't be true to a realistic relationship either. This sequel did not disappoint. :)