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A Skeleton in the Family
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Desert Run - Marshall Thornton The author did an excellent job setting the scene, even before clear period markers were presented it was obvious when the story took place. The character development was slow and never fully realized. I did end up liking Don but I didn't really believe his attraction or feelings for Harlan. When the book began Don was a womanizer and even picked up a tourist in the bar he worked with and spent a week with her enjoying a no strings romp. So while the author tried to flash back to other instances when Don had felt stirrings of attraction to his own sex, it just didn't seem like it was enough. I also felt the ending was slightly anticlimactic and pat, everything was wrapped up too neatly. I was also struggling with Don settling down with Harlan for the long haul, especially since he didn't seem the type and the two had only recently met. The writing was great and the setting was interesting but plot and the characters just didn't come together to create a cohesive story. With such promise I expected more.