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A Skeleton in the Family
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Home Again - Cardeno C. I liked how the story started out from the POV of the main character coming out of a coma and being disoriented. I also liked the idea of the two lovers being reunited after a break up and a long period of no contact. I liked that Noah had no memory of the break up and the awkwardness that came from that. I liked how the POV changed from Noah in the present to Clark in the past, filling in the blanks of their relationship in a unique way.However, I felt that the circumstances of their break up was a little contrived and blown out of proportion. These guys were in love since the moment they met. They waited 4 years until Noah was legal to consummate their relationship but one issue and Clark walks out and never returns. The guy doesn't even go back to get his things. I felt that reaction was simply unbelievable. Even if Clark was really hurt and had decided to end things, I'd think he'd want to go back and lay into Noah for cheating.Then they have no contact for 3 years and both of them want to get back together, but neither of them bothers to pick up the phone in those 3 years to try and clear the air? It takes Noah being in an accident and almost dying for them to actually talk again. Plus the whole cheating thing bothered me as well, just a little needling from his brother and Noah goes out and cheats to prove that Clark will stand by him. Seriously? The whole set up seemed unrealistic and the reactions of the characters just seemed way out of proportion and melodramatic.I wanted to like this book and I did but it didn't rise above mediocre in my opinion. The author had a great idea but simply didn't follow through with a great story.