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A Skeleton in the Family
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Switch - Claire Thompson This book had a lot of potential and most of it was unfulfilled. Both characters were intriguing and their relationship had great potential for some wonderful conflict and passion but it just wasn't there. Dane spent a lot of time proclaiming that he was a dom and Nate spent a lot of time trying to show Dane his true nature as a sub. But we didn't get to see the trust being built, it apparently happened but as a reader I felt I was being told rather than shown. Dane and Nate spent a week together where apparently Dane had a break through but he didn't seem to affect him as much as I thought it should. He'd spent almost a decade believing one thing to be true about himself and his identity but he seemed willing to slide into submission after just an amazing week with Nate. I'm sure that everything that happened was possible but I just didn't feel the connection with the two characters and I don't think the author spent enough time developing the characters or their relationship fully. Over all it was a good concept and an enjoyable read but there was potential for so much more that I felt let down.