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The Substitute (Guntram de Lisle #1) - Tionne Rogers I had some very mixed feelings about this book. The characters were wonderfully created, so much so that at times you despised them and at others you pitied them but at no time could you ignore them. About half way through I was ready to give up on the relationship between Guntram and Konrad but some how they managed to rally and even though their relationship was quite dysfunctional I wanted them together. I didn't mind the poor editing as I figured that I was reading a diary anyway and since Guntram wasn't a native speaker mistakes were bound to happen. I don't think that the story needed to be more polished, in fact it would lose some of it's charm if it were over edited. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this book but the author managed to take two very broken characters and create a sometimes rocky but over all successful relationship. This book is by no means an easy read but it is well crafted story and at the end I was slightly exhausted by the journey but it was well worth it.