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A Skeleton in the Family
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Slow Bloom - Anah Crow, Dianne Fox This was a really sweet gentle story. Both Ricky and Jack's characters are developed realistically, as is their relationship. I was surprised that I liked this book given the large age gap between the characters but for this couple it worked. I wouldn't say that this book was with out conflict, Ricky's mother didn't take the news of who Ricky was dating well, but that reaction bolstered the story even more. Yes, there is a ton of sex and it's hot. I don't think it's repetitive or excessive at all. It's part of Ricky and Jack's relationship and it's an important part. The pacing of the story and the relationship of the main characters was well done. Plus it wasn't your usual older man seduces young man, it was a true development of a committed relationship between two lovers. Over all I think this was a very well done story and I can see why it is a favorite read for 2010. :)