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Puppy Love - Jeff Erno I have mixed feelings about this book. I really didn't like the characters at all, Mike was selfish and self-centered and Pete was spineless. I didn't like the dynamics of their relationship either. There's D/S and then there's the mess that Mike and Pete had. I didn't agree that Pete just needed to agree with everything that Mike wanted just because Mike was the Dom in the relationship. Just because Pete was a sub doesn't mean he doesn't have a say in the relationship. I also didn't like that Mike slept around and while Pete really didn't like this he just accepted it. But the relationship as a whole seemed all over the board and I could see that it was a new relationship and that both characters were pretty immature and hopefully as they mature so will their relationship. I would hope that Mike would start actually taking care of Pete instead of just using him. It's a good thing that this story does continue and there is hope for the relationship and the characters to evolve.I gave this book 3 stars because while I did not like the characters or their relationship the author did manage to engage me as a reader. I may have been frustrated but if the characters hadn't been so fully developed I wouldn't have been so invested in them. So over all this is a good book but not one that I particularly enjoyed. :)