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A Skeleton in the Family
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The Complete Dr. Fell Volume I: Lost - Syd McGinley I have to say that I found Dr. Fell a little whiny but he grew on me. I was frustrated at how he was stuck in one place and not moving past the death of his partner. Yet he kept putting himself into situations that could only end badly for him. Again and again he'd get attached to someone else's boy only to have to watch them go back to where they belonged. Over all this was a well written book, and Dr. Fell is a very realistic and well developed character. Even though Dr. Fell was frustrating at times you couldn't help but root for him and wince each time he let himself get hurt. The cast of supporting characters are also well developed and enjoyable, who can't love Twink for all his irritations? The natural development of Dr. Fell and the community he lived in is great. There were no info dumps, and the author took time to show not tell Dr. Fell's history. Over all I think this is a very good collection and while not great it is needed to understand the rest of Dr. Fell's story.