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A Skeleton in the Family
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Out of the Darkness (Dark Horse, #2) - Kate Sherwood This is a great continuation of the story. The guys are still struggling to figure out how things work and butting heads while doing it but you can feel how much they care for each other even when bickering. Again the characters are wonderfully developed and now that we're on a new chapter things are on an up swing and everyone is trying to rebuild. I like that the author still has the guys struggle with their relationship and the process of moving past an old love to embrace something new. While none of the guys may have envisioned this future but it still feels right anyway. Even though figuring things out isn't easy the guys still keep at it trying to figure out how to make it work. I like that they don't just easily slip into a relationship and everything is hunky dory. The author takes the time to build a realistic relationship that pulls the reader in and takes them on the journey with the characters.