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An Interesting Premise with Poor Execution

Curiosity Thrilled the Cat - Sofie Kelly

Honestly I didn't quite know what to say about this book. First the cats really aren't that magical or helpful. Their owner is clueless and overly naive. All the characters were underdeveloped, to the point that I had no idea who was who among the secondary characters. I honestly thought that two of the ladies were lesbian lovers only to find out towards the end of the book, that they had a grandmother/daughter relationship. There were several story lines that were undeveloped and really served no point. Why were people so focused on the dilapidated manor and the colony of cats that lived there? Why was it so amazing that Kathleen was adopted by two of the manor cats? When the murderer was revealed as a reader I was expected to believe that the crime was committed due to love and loyalty. None of which was demonstrated earlier in the book. That coupled with the fact that I really didn't feel like I knew anyone in the book, made the motive fall flat. Over all I felt that this book was terribly underdeveloped and that the author was unable to translate a good idea to the page.